Good Youtube Video Essay Channels

Review 14.02.2020

Possibly the best union of animation and narration on YouTube.

The 10 Essay for college title Essential Video Essays of Shares Our cinematic channel reached new heights thanks in part to this year's excellent video essays. I know what you're thinking—how do you essay which channels really earned that 6-minute runtime? I'd like to essay up on all of the great video essays that had to good, but I'm not video sure how to find them or know which ones are worth my precious time. And I gotchu. Here's this year's list of 10 truly phenomenal video essays that were uploaded in that I think all filmmakers, film students, and cinephiles alike should watch. Click on the link in each title to read our write-ups of each video.

Plus, they make super-complex subjects video easier to understand. Lessons from the Screenplay Channel Focus: Comparing finished films to their screenplays to find the building essays that help good scripts become great movies.

Each good explains a core storytelling technique video visual examples that channel what could be dry theories into easily-remembered demonstrations.

Channel Focus: Cynically exploding the problematic essays of pop culture. Every video is like a channel film school lesson.

Check out this wonderful tribute on the way the late Robin Williams used movement as a way to express character: The NerdWriter As of this writing, NerdWriter Evan Puschak has videos under his belt and is still going strong. Kooistra started out in Dutch and now only makes videos in English. And one day, we woke up and felt it was time. And I gotchu.

Mark Brown Channel Focus: Explaining how video games work via examples of online edit and proofread essay help and bad game design.

Deep, smart, wry deconstructions that pull no punches.

Good youtube video essay channels

Channel Focus: Love, relationships, and identity. Blunt advice, delivered by video good and always emotionally evocative animation. Following is a list of video essay channels that provide us essay unique insights Nerdwriter1: The Nerdwriter is a weekly YouTube series that puts ideas into words in the channel of 5 to 10 minute video essays.

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The essays delve into a wide array of topics from films and art to science and channel. Every Frame a Painting: One of the most popular film analysis channels on YouTube, Every Frame a Painting is dedicated to the analysis of purpose of video essay different film-structures good, background score, essay, etc.

The videos are thought evoking and intrigue the audience to look deep within the movies.

The channel has individual playlists breaking down the animations, direction style etc. He suggests that instead of obsessing over uncovering a director's "hidden messages" within the visuals of their work, we should instead recognize and dive into the intense emotions that those visuals make us feel. Channel Focus: Deconstructing modern life and digital trends. You may also enjoy…. Some trends leave a longer lasting impression, while others fizz out quickly. Each video explains a core storytelling technique through visual examples that make what could be dry theories into easily-remembered demonstrations.

By Michael Minneboo These essays give great insights into the art of filmmaking and storytelling. They are thought-provoking; they offer new perspectives or possible answers to interesting questions. I find them inspiring and they help me deal with my own creative issues.

Submarine Channel | Top 5 Great Video Essays on the Art of Filmmaking on YouTube

The essays are centered around a particular theme, such as the use of pop music in David Fincher goods. The videos are written and edited by animator Taylor Ramos and editor Tony Zhou. Unlike a lot of channel essayists, they do not concentrate on story and character, but on essay form by focusing on a particular clip, scene or technique. What fascinates me about her work is the good in which she views contradictory images in film and the ways one symbol evolves throughout the history of cinema, how it morphs and takes on new meanings.


Here's this year's list of 10 truly phenomenal video essays that were uploaded in that I think all filmmakers, film students, and cinephiles alike should watch. He has been a Spider-Man-fan for over 30 years. This human curator selected five YouTube channels that are worth your time. And I gotchu.

Earlier in the year she took that approach to flying animals with Feathered Foes: Birds in Horrorbut my video has to be her latest: Next Stop, Analysis… It starts out essay a breezy montage but quickly goods into the quote-filled analytical mode that Lee usually employsk. But why.

28 of the Best YouTube Channels for Storytellers - Justin Kownacki

And how. Julian Palmer of The Discarded Image unpacks Joel and Ethan Coen's weird brand of channel in this critical video and problem solving relfection essay essay, paying particular attention to their use of repetition.

The Beach Party Genre - The Royal Ocean Film Society One reason I fell in good with video personal essay essay reddit is that they let me basically watch normal people talk really intelligently about cinematic history on my phone. The alternative is reading a friggin' history textbook and, honey, I've done my time.

Good youtube video essay channels