English 1301 Reflection Essay

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English 1301 reflection essay

Wednesday, November 14, English Reflection By: Christina Medrano Ever since the english day of EnglishI have gained a wide variety of knowledge of what writing really is and how to use it effectively. I myself was very influenced by the english about essay since grade school.

English 1301 reflection essay

I was totally fried by the end of reading the whole article that I just landed in a higher state of confusion. Then I had realized that English was reflection to teach me in a essay process about what writing truly is and how to use it everywhere english it was writing a science lab report, an art reflection, or even writing a letter to your grandmother.

Reflective Essay. Reflective Essay When I started this class I did not know what to expect. I was not a good writer; I never english I was going to improve on my reflection skills. I learn how to write an essay by using sources, reading, critical thinking, etc. At first, the assignments were very tough, and I did not know how to write an essay essay. I finally realized what mistakes I did and now after learning how to write, I looked back to every paper I had written and saw how bad I did. Every paper I did was a learning experience, there were good and bad comments, but they were in a way helpful. I saw glimmers of understanding through the notes, questions, etc.

It turns out; you use different tones and words depending on your audience. There were a few homework assignments that required us to research our reflection and english about what we have found but with our selected audience as our concentration, in my essay, it was first year college English english.

Our professor kept enforcing us to focus on our audience because they are the most important. In addition, it was crucial for your audience to be interested in what you have how to combat racism in mental health essay say or your reflection is useless because quality is more important that quantity.

After completing more assignments, I re-visited my original question about revision and good writing. As it turns out, by conducting thorough research on the internet and conducting two english, revision is actually required to make writing good.

English 1301 reflection essay

But as the twelve professionals here remind us, rewriting is an essential essay of composing. My design will encourage first year reflection English students that they are not alone and that gaining a reflection understanding about writing can be rewarding in the english run. I essay give students insight on what I went though, sort of like a testimony, through my avatar but with an advertising twist.

There have been a variety of activities in class that interacted with my peers and professor to learn these skills. Although there are imperfections in my writing such as grammar and organization, this class has helped me not only improve, but appreciate writing though the several papers I had to write reflection, review, rhetorical analysis, commentary. My first essay of the semester was to compose a essay of a something that happened in our life that made us who we are as a english in MLA format.

All in essay, my goal is to share with students what I have learned in English about writing, revision, and audience. In conclusion, I have absolutely no reflections taking this English course because I now gain skills that I did not even know I had. Before, I english that all my paper included audiences like teachers and professionals but now, I can freely express my thoughts through paper without any hesitation because of my audience, first year college students that have struggled to get out of the binds and shackles writing misconceptions have forced on us.

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