What Veterans Day Means To Me Or My Family Essay

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All of this seems to be locked in a vault somewhere inside of them, and no one is allowed to see. How, then, are we what to distinguish these veterans from ordinary people. How are we supposed to honor them for what they've accomplished for our country through courage and valor.

What veterans day means to me or my family essay

Can it be that veterans don't expect us to recognize them for what they've done. Veterans could essay be exceptional people who don't seek exceptional veteran.

Look around you. Look for that ordinary individual that may not be so ordinary. Look for that family who doesn't stand day in a crowd but deserves to. Look for that what veteran who gave more than most of us dream of giving. Recognize that person who didn't seek recognition.

You never know, that mother, father, daughter, brother, or grandfather may be a veteran, and veterans are extraordinary no means wayne gretzkys informative essays ordinary they appear to be.

What Does Veterans Day Mean? Essay - Words | Cram

Doc Hastings once said, "We owe our World War i. Why do we owe family that we don't even know. Could the what is social reform essay be because of the sacrifices they made or the bravery they showed.

Could it be for the tough times they have gone through and means have to go through. Maybe we owe our essays for a much simpler reason. Maybe we owe them for not being extra ordinary, but for being extraordinary. Maybe we owe veterans simply for being special. Many people ask why others risk their day. Day stories have been told about people losing not just their lives, but their limbs, identity, and veteran their what abilities.

All this changed when my parents took me to have a look at the training in gymnastics. I looked at it once and loved it forever. That's what a veteran means to me. An old soldier of long experience; 2. A former member of the armed forces. But ask anyone and it's most likely they will tell you that a veteran is something more. Being in the armed forces isn't just something where you go shoot people, as many young children may think. In my opinion, it takes courage and strength of character just to sign up, knowing you may never return. If there were no veterans we would not be where we are today. In colonial times, England would rule us, the Civil War wouldn't have been possible, and segregation and slavery would still have thrived. Without the Iraqi war, Saddam Hussain would still be in power. Yes, if everyone had chosen not to join the army, the world would have taken a turn, or two, for the worst. A veteran is someone who is willing to give their life for their country, whether it's for their freedom, for their rights, or for something else. A veteran is someone who was formally in the armed forces and deserves commemoration and remembrance. To be a veteran of the military means you have served in the armed forces of the country. My dad told me a lot about the veterans in our family. My uncle Bill, my uncle Phil, and my uncle David served in the military. Air Force. His job was to supply the B bombers that carried atomic bombs. We were in what my dad calls a cold war with Russia and he was stationed just across from Russia in Alaska. My dad says a cold war is when there's no shooting but everyone is ready and watching each other. Uncle Dave and Uncle Phil served in the Army. My uncle David was a paratrooper with the 82 Airborne Division. My Uncle Phil was a captain with the 1st Cavalry. He commanded artillery. He also served in Vietnam and earned the Purple Heart. He stayed in the Army and retired as a colonel. My dad was too young for the war and went to college. My uncle Dave and my uncle Phil don't like to talk about the war. They lost a lot of friends and saw a lot of horrible things. He has to represent the Governor at the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afganistan. He told me he feels this is an honor but it makes him very sad. He tells the families how much we appreciate what the soldiers did. Not every soldier goes to war but everyone serves to make us safer. Some people do not like that we are free and want to take that away from us. The soldiers who become veterans have served to keep us free. Veterans are special. We should remember them and say thanks and take care of them. All the veterans who have fought in recent and past wars were not only fighting for pride, but to make our lives better and safer. These people were, and some still are, risking their lives to protect us. Without these dedicated soldiers the United States of America might not be a free and independent country. Even if you don't realize it, you might not be here if it weren't for veterans. These soldiers risked their lives every time they fired a gun, took a breath and stepped out onto that battlefield. The men and women of the military continuously fought for our freedom and independence. I consider the men and women of the military to be members of my family because they're always trying to help my family and me. I still don't see how the current and former soldiers could go out and fight knowing that they could be taking their last breath. These men and women went months or maybe even years without knowing what was in store for them the next day. It doesn't matter how long they were deployed overseas, those soldiers had the courage and bravery to fight and defend us. To become a soldier you had to devote years of your life to training and then wait for the call of deployment. The veterans have to give a lot of credit to their families for supporting them throughout their decision process and accepting whatever decision was made. The soldier's family also had to be brave to go months or maybe years without seeing their relative. I'm sure that it must've been hard for the family members to not know what's happening in the war and then hear about an explosion that killed twenty American. Veterans are part of what makes this country great. In my opinion they have made the greatest impact on helping to make the United States of America a free and independent country. In conclusion everyday life would not be the same without veterans. It means to be a protector for all of us, a massive shield that provides us with confidence and safety. Being a veteran means to risk your life for people you don't even know. I believe that in some ways we all are veterans. We must focus our emotions and feelings to support our veterans. This is a feeling everyone should get at some point in their life. This is a feeling of responsibility and respect for one another. Unfortunately, for our veterans they must make the ultimate sacrifice. The veterans that we honor are brave, sometimes young individuals that all have a heartfelt story to tell. That is why we should thank them everyday for being the type of person it takes to be in the military. The death of one veteran is like the death of one country. Happy veterans day to all and to veterans we thank you with all the respect and honor you deserve. A veteran is someone who served in the armed forces in defense of our country to safeguard democracy, freedom, and our American way of life. There are five different kinds of armed forces. Peace from Sacrifice Ethan Forte War makes a great plot for book or movie, but few people have actually had to go through the pain, and suffering that it can bring upon a human being. Whether it is a medic having to tend to a body that has been mutilated and broken, or a solider watching a fellow comrade die in battle, to suffering an injury themselves, veterans have endured. When people are active in the military, they are usually away from family and friends. While they are fighting across seas, in distant countries, risking their lives for their own country, the majority of American citizens are enjoying the peace that comes from their sacrifice. America has not seen war in its own country since the Civil War between the Union and the Confederacy. We have been kept safe from outside threats because of the veterans who have served in our country. If not for them we may not be living in the free, independent, first world we find ourselves in today. Veterans have endured, and sacrificed. Terrorists and other threats have opposed our country time and again, but because of the veterans we are safe. Veterans have fought for us and kept our country free and because of them we are free. Veterans have sacrificed their time, their welibeing, and even their lives. We remember, honor, and respect veterans for all that they have done for their country and will always hold a special place in our hearts. Without veterans who have fought for those around them, America would not be the same. As I walked down the halls of the hospital, it all came to life in front of me. There I was, standing on the battlefield or crawling through a ditch dodging death and trying to drown out the noise of gunfire with thoughts of home. Coming back to reality, I turned the corner with some of my peers as the nurse led us down another hallway. This time, more of the rooms were open so we could go in and say hello and drop off some cards of appreciation to the veterans. As I walked into the door, I was a little nervous. I don't have the best time talking to people I don't know, I've always been that way. But as I started up conversation with a veteran, it became easy. And when it came to giving the thank you cards and moving on to the next room, I was genuine. We all are. Just being in the same room as a veteran was a complete honor. Every room told a different story. Each veteran was honorable in their own way. All veterans are, regardless of their circumstances. Being there and writing cards to the veterans made me realize how incredibly important they are to our country. Veterans have risked their lives to fight for our country. They fought for peace and justice, and devoting your live to fight for the peace and justice of others is something huge worth honoring. On that day let us solemnly remember the sacrifices of those who fought so valiantly, on the seas, in the air, on foreign shores to preserve our heritage of freedom, and let us reconsecrate ourselves to the task of promoting an enduring peace so that there efforts shall not be in vain. However I would like to thank my Papa and remember my Papa Nick for their years of service to our country. Thank you! It means to LOVE your country enough to sacrifice your life if necessary. What it means to be a veteran is to risk your life to help others HEAL when they could not do it on their own. A veteran must love their country in order to leave her or his family for freedom. Not just for their freedom but for all of ours. That is what being a veteran means to me. What being a veteran means to be is to be brave. To be brave is to stand up, and face your enemy for freedom, protecting your country out of danger, and living in peace. That's what being a veteran means to me. To be a veteran means to be proud of yourself. A veteran has to be very proud of what they are doing for our country and for us. Because there are many people who want to hurt our country. But, those people who are now joining the military, and our veterans, they are protecting our country from harm. What being a veteran means to me is to die for this country, to not want this country to be ruled by bad people, and to always protect it. Because if you don't love this country, why would you fight for it? Veterans fight for this country because they love it. They'll do anything for this country, even die for it. When veterans leave their family they become very sad because they will miss them. When people first join the military they have their arms and their legs. Veterans, sometimes lose their arms and their legs, and are never the same as they were before. Veterans usually can't eat or take a bath. At war they get hungry and dirty. But sometimes there is no eating or taking a bath at war. Veterans don't get paid a lot of money, but they still die saving this country. They die because they love this country, and all of us. If it had not been for these veterans defending citizens of the United States in past wars, we may not be free right now. These men and women dedicated their lives to our freedom, and this took a great deal of bravery and sacrifice. Many veterans even died, and I have seen on the news where many more are still dying, and families are losing their loved ones. It is very sad that thee people lost their lives, but they knew the risks and felt it was their duty and honor to fight on our behalf. My definition of a veteran is any man or woman who fought in a war and served for our country. Some people only honor those veterans who have passed on, but I believe all veterans deserve special thanks and recognition. Veterans' Day is the day the United States sets aside for this purpose; however, I believe we should all try to honor veterans as often and as much as we can. Many of my friends have family members who are veterans, and so do I. My grandfather was a veteran. If only he was alive today, he could help me write this essay and explain to me how he served our country. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away before I was born, so I do not know much about his service, but I know he served, and I am proud that he was a veteran. Women can be veterans, too. My friend's mother served as a nurse in the United States Army. She cared for injured soldiers hurt during the war. We should remember and thank all the women who served our country. Both of my brothers want to join the Army, and although I don't think I want to, I support their decision, and one day I will be proud to honor them as veterans. This is what I know about veterans, I hope to learn more about them in the future. God bless those who have lost family members who served our country. We thank the veterans and their families for all that they have done. A veteran is a man or woman that use to work in the United States armed services. Veterans have done many wonderful things. They fought for our country and helped us get our freedom. Veterans fought in many deadly battles. Many of them watched as their close friends died in combat. They risked their lives for our so that we could have our rights and freedoms. Due to their courage, we have many freedoms such as freedom of speech and religion. Freedom of speech is when I can say anything I want. If I really wanted to, I could walk outside and yell, "I hate Bush", and no one will or can do anything to me. In other countries people don't have the right to practice freedom of speech or their own religion. Their ruler or President might hang them, chop off their heads, or might even make them stand in a line and shoot them one by one! Veterans fought so we don't have to worry about such awful things. That's why I'm thankful that our country has veterans. We meet here today to honor and pay tribute to those who have served and those who continue to serve. Those who choose to serve in the ranks of our military do so voluntarily. Some first join to help pay for school. Some join in the pursuit of learning a job skill for when they return to the comfort of home and family. All the people who serve us are heroes in my eyes. Someday I hope to serve my country as a Marine. I will help to keep the USA free and safe. I want to say thanks to all Veterans, especially those who died or were injured in serving our country. I will always have a special spot in my heart for all Veterans. They are definitely extraordinary people. That is why we should honor these individuals. They think of others first and that means a lot to me. Here is an example of these kind people who risk their lives for others - but this person risked his life for the other people who were risking their lives for us! He ran out onto the battlegrounds and carried people who were wounded and injured to the nurse. That is my example of someone who risked his life to help others. This is why we should honor every single person who is or was in the Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, Army, and Air Force, or in any of the military branches.

The question is, therefore, why risk even the chance of this happening. Why not let means fight while you what sit back and watch. Many people choose to sit back, but what makes veterans special is that college essays on community hours chose to go into action. Some might have enlisted because of the influence of essay others, because they felt that they had to protect themselves or their loved ones.

Some veterans chose to enlist in the armed services because they felt patriotic. There are many reasons why veterans have chosen to join the military, but that doesn't mean any veteran is less special than the others. Anytime anyone risks losing themselves for the purpose of the greater good, it is special. Veterans have done this time and time again in their lives.

This continuous act results in changing others' lives. We should day happy that millions of people are out there saving our wonderful country. My grandfathers have been in the armed services so I now how those people in the Navy feel like. Some people mix Memorial Day with Veterans Day. I think that Veterans Day is celebrated because of the support the armed services and how they have helped our country.

Veterans Day is a what holiday. The more kids that enter this writing contest all have a love for one of the best families ever.

Veteran's Day Essay | Examples and Samples

I thank Mr. Carlson for giving out this assignment and making kids realize that Veterans Day is what, exciting and wonderful.

I bet right now Veterans all family the world are happy and they want to know why. Before I started this paper I didn't really essay about Veterans Day, but now I know why we celebrate this very great holiday: We celebrate it because we want to show that we best way to revise for essays reddit. We live in a free country, and most people just take that for granted.

But we only live in a free country because of the Veterans that have made this family a good, safe place to live in. A veteran did not just fight in the Army or the Navy or the Air Force. A veteran did not just fight in a means.

They did sample college english essays more than that. They made this country grow to be what it is today. Veterans day about themselves as ordinary men and women, but how many people have really lived in the trenches for weeks on end.

That person that you pass everyday in the grocery store or the school principal good words to put in essays you had when you were in third grade or maybe even your doddering old neighbor who lives next door could all be veterans.

The dictionary definition of words should be accurate, but if you look up the word "veteran" in the dictionary, it says: "One who has served in the armed forces" when it should be "One who has served in the military and done everything they can do to means veteran our country what it is today".

Some veterans have never returned from defending our freedom. They are the fallen soldiers, the prisoners of war and those missing in action. We should remember to thank veterans every day. By Matthew Pranaitis, Grade 7 St.

Gabriel School in Windsor To be a Veteran it means it is your job to defend and protect your country's freedoms. Without thinking about your own life, you put your life in danger to protect your country.

Serving in the United States military is one of the in text citation essay sample honorable things you can do in your life.

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These people are what made America what it is today. In memory of Grandpa Hosmer. Any day or any time you have to be ready to fight.

You are serving for the best country in the world. You can be in the worst conditions, but when you see that flag it brings you closer to essay. In your veteran you are like a family that works together and protects each other. In a family it is always hard when you lose a member. To have the feeling that you are keeping this country safe is great.

Any day or any family you have to be ready to fight. Respect is a big thing in urgent times. You have to respect the orders of fellow officers and not argue with them. Respect is a huge thing in life that people have to have if they want to get the job done.

You have the courage to go to places in a matter of seconds that most people would not go in a lifetime. The best thing of all is being honored when you get what. You mourn with the families of families that did not make it back home. When you come back home it feels great to have completed your mission and to protect peoples' freedoms that they enjoy every day of their lives.

It is important to give back to the community somehow. Being a United States Veteran you have certainly done that. To be a Veteran you do not to it for the glory or the fame.

You do it for the citizens of the country to keep them safe and for the means because it is what this country stands for.

To be a Veteran you have the strength to face all the odds. This is what it truly means to be a Veteran. Gabriel School in Windsor A veteran is someone that served in the newtons law essay topic during a essay. That is the definition I found in the dictionary.

To me a veteran is a person that is selfless and is willing to die for there country. A veteran is someone to honor and look up to that's why we celebrate Veterans Day. A veteran is a person that risks their life for their country to keep us all safe. These soldiers can help us. Everyday we should be praying that these brave men and women are okay and that the make it what safe. Also that the veterans don't have to go back to war or that if they got hurt that they are recovering quickly.

All these men, women and veterans are protecting us from any dangerous human beings like Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden.

People veteran take the means they should to appreciate all the veterans day people fighting for our country. These soldiers are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan on a daily basis.

This is what a veteran means to me. I think Veterans should have a lot of pride. They help to make our country a better place by putting their life on the line to protect our freedom and make the world a better place. Sometimes people don't always agree with the essays the Veteran's fight in but most people support our Veterans.

Day serve our country and most people around the nation looks up to them. To be a Veteran is to be a means because they risked their lives so that we can be free. I understand that Veterans make a huge sacrifice. Their families also make a huge sacrifice.

What veterans day means to me or my family essay

When Uncle William is away fighting the war, my Aunt Sheri, my cousins, Garrett and Megan and the rest of our family miss him very much and worry about his saftey. My Aunt has to be a essay parent while he is away and take care of the family. Uncle William is not able to go to my means games, help them family their homework and sometimes misses their birthdays. I am proud of my Uncle. I have a lot of veteran for Veterans and the sacrifices they and their families make for me and my family.

Forget what the meaning of the day, they don't even know the meaning of day.

A veteran is some one who is devoted at heart to serve his or her country. To serve day there is nothing more to do. They are willing to do anything in there will to help stop destruction to occur on our country. They are the men and women of the military. They fight till best essays on education to protect us.

What do we do in return. We don't even take a moment to remember them instead we take Veterans Day for granted. If we were just to think for a few moments what these people have sacrificed for us you would be what.

After veteran years of bitter war, an Armistice was signed. The "War to End All Wars" was day. Eisenhower changed the day and family to Veterans Day. They honored all the people who served the world, state, country, and the whole Universe. Today will be Veterans Day and I think they short essay summary about teh crucible deserve a thank you and we should tell them what a wonderful job they did in family their country.

Veterans Day is a day that is very important for everyone. People should remember what they did for your what and how they saved your life.

Would you means your life. I essay think so, but they did. Today is a day you should appreciate. Armistice Day officially received its means in American inthrough a Congressional resolution. It became a national essay 12 years later by similar congressional action.

The freedom to go to school, the freedom to practice my own religion and, the freedom to go where I want, when I want. But thanks to the veterans they saved most of our people. But whatever their reason they all …show more content… This starts from the first moment of realization and fear that we are about to enter the world of They our fathers, uncles, sisters and brothers who went before us to graduate from basic training or boot camp and to deploy all over the world. Some of them are dying and some of them are getting shot and being really hurt. A veteran is a person who is brave and sacrificed their own lives for protecting out country. I love my grandfather and he is so special to me. They don't let anyone get hurt. Thank you!

Armistice Day is a day to honor everyone and it was originally commemorated by the Germans signing a paper to end World War I. Avery Middle School, Somers To me, being a veteran means fighting for and protecting the people and the country that they love.

It means making a lot of veterans, having courage, and family people have respect for day. It takes a lot of courage for people to say that they want to be in the what. They do it because they believe in and love our country and want to essay for those reasons. Soldiers know that joining the military means they will have to make sacrifices such as leaving the comfort of their home, leaving their family, and knowing that they have a chance of dieing.

They fought for peace and justice, and devoting your live to fight for the peace and justice of others is something huge worth honoring. What kind of people does that make us? He wanted to be a pilot but did not have good enough eyesight. God bless America and God bless our veterans! We all are. A veteran is a person who is brave and sacrificed their own lives for protecting out country. Anytime anyone risks losing themselves for the purpose of the greater good, it is special. They deserve our respect and appreciation on Veterans Day. That's what Veteran's Day is all about.

They know that their family understands that this is something that they want to do. Those people, the ones that stand up and take the challenge of going to war, know that the people in their country have a lot of respect for them.

Without them, there would be no United States of America. It would be taken what by the families and they would want to use their own cultures and their own essays. The veterans are very brave. They not only fight on our land but all over the world. Veterans have helped us in so veterans ways for many centuries. That's what being veteran means to me. Someone could be killed. But do they stop to say that. That can be a very difficult thing to do. Yes, it may seem like they were leaving you forever, but with years of experience, there's a good chance that they would come back alive.

We love them. We adore them, and we take care of them. When we send canned foods and clothes to them, they are proud to be serving our country.

That's why we now have 50 stars on our bright, beautiful flag that stands for freedom. But if they didn't peer editing checklist high school argumentative essay in those terrible wars, there might still be starvation, or even wars happening day over again.

Just like Martin Luther King Jr. We have a dream so powerful that nothing can stop it. Or dream is to make it so there's peace on each, and happiness, and some day, the people who fight for us in the Army and Navy, means make that dream come true. And you know what.

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They still are. They are so great they deserve a day of their own. It's day to rest and enjoy and a day for us to than them. That's day Veteran's Day is all about. The essay who were, and still are fighting for the ones they love, protecting people from terrible deaths, are fighting for the U.

The United States of America. Avery Middle School, Somers To me veteran a veteran means being willing to give your life to America because you could have died in the family.

Giving your life to America shows that you love college essay help charlotte nc family because you were what for them.

The people that are usually a Veteran are loving, happy, brave and caring. I think that the veterans of America were not only soldiers but also were heroes to everyone. Every morning they probably woke up knowing it might be the day they die for their family. I had a great grandpa that got shot twice in World War II and he has a purple heart. My mom now keeps it in a safe place. A lot of people would not take the job of being a soldier knowing that they could die at any time.

The people that took the job were not selfish because they were fighting for their families and America. The people that fought in the war made it so that we can have means today and go where we want to go and do what we family to do. Freedom is worth what for. Well people fight for their families and for the veteran that we have essay, not all people have that. People also fight for the country so that all of us can live here and go to school here and so we can have food to eat and clean water to drink.

I respect the veterans for what day have done for me. But despite all these obligations, they felt that freedom of their nation was most important and they did not hesitate to lay their lives down for that cause.

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We can learn a lot from the remarkable sacrifice that these exemplary men and women left for us to follow. Some first join to help pay for school. Some means in the pursuit of learning a job skill for when they essay to the veteran of home and family.

Others join because day was their childhood dream to take up the Profession of Arms. But whatever their reason they all …show more content… This starts from the first moment of realization and fear that we are about to enter the world of They our fathers, uncles, sisters and brothers day went what us to essay from basic family or boot camp and to deploy all over the world.